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Prachov Rocks

Prachov Rocks-Prachovské skály

Just 5 kilometres (3 miles) west of Jičín, the Prachov rocks are among the most accessible of the Český ráj's rock cities; dramatic clusters of rocky outcrops that form labyrinths of pillars, crevices and tunnels.

Turisticka Chata/Hikers' lodge in the Prachov rocksVisitors can enter the Prachov rocks area at several places. If you're using public transport, the most convenient entrance is by the kiosks just to the west of Prachov village. If you have your own transport, you'd do just as well to continue on another mile to the Turistická chata (hikers' lodge).

The entrance fee of 50Kč per adult to the Prachov rocks area is valid for the entire day.

Marked trails

Rockclimbers in the Prachov RocksThe entire area is crisscrossed by marked walking trails that follow gullies and ridges through the thick forest to all the outstanding rock formations of the area. As in all protected landscape areas, it's not permitted to wander off the designated trails.

Unless of course, you have a permit from the Czech Rockclimbing Association or a valid pass from another club affiliated with the International Association of Rockclimbing clubs.

Stone staircases and gentle paths

Stone staircase in the Prachov rocks area, cesky rajDespite the presence of rock climbers, most of the walking trails are gentle and manageable for everyone from toddlers to grandparents. There are some stone staircases to climb, but most of the trails are mildly sloping unpaved tracks matted with pine needles, linden leaves and tree roots worn smooth by thousands of boots.

Detailed hiking maps are available at the each entrance to the rocks (and every bookstore in Jičín or Turnov), but there are also thorough information boards near each entrance and signposts at regular intervals along the trails.

Striking views

Whether you chose to follow a map or rely on the signboards, be sure your wanderings include the two main lookout points Vyhlidka Českého Ráje and Vyhlidka Miru. These are the highest points and offer impressive views of two well-known symbols of the Český ráj; the Madonna and Child rock formation, and the distant twin peaks of the Trosky Castle ruins.

Prachovské skály
5km west of Jičín

Český ráj - The Bohemian Paradise natural reserve
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